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Frequently asked questions from our customers.

Q. Can you build houses like a 23 x 25?
A. No we can not. All the houses we build have only even measurements.

Q. What's the largest home we can build at Plett's Home Builders site?
A. We can build prefabricated houses up to 20' in width, and 40' in length. If you would like a larger home we could come build on site.

Q. What kind of wood do you use to build these houses?
A. We use a mixture of different hardwoods harvested locally.
The three main kinds that we use are Santa Maria, Nargusta, and My Lady.

Q. Is your wood treated?
A. No it is not. Hardwood doesn't need to be treated, considering that termites and wood lice don't go after it and ALL OUR SIDING AND FLOORING IS KILN DRY

Q. Do you deliver homes to the Cayes?
A. No, we would have to go build on the site which is an additional cost.

Q. Do you include hurricane straps in your houses? And can they withstand hurricanes?
A. Yes. we always include hurricane straps installed in our houses. When hurricane Richard passed in 2011 we had winds blowing at 90 mph and none of our houses received damage of any kind. Beyond that we have no way of testing what our houses can really withstand.

Q. What type of foundation do you put under the houses? Do you pour cement posts?
A. We install 6 x 6 hardwood posts every 10 ft under the house. They go 3ft into the ground. If you are on soft ground we can also provide and install 2' round cement pads below each post to prevent sinking. If you would like a cement foundation and posts they would have to be built by someone else and we would set the house on top and bolt it down.

Q.  Can you set up houses 8ft high?
A. Yes we can. Our equipment is able to lift houses to a floor height of 9ft.

Q. Can you install tiles in the houses?
A. No unfortunately we do not because the grout would crack when the house shifts during delivery.

Q. Do your houses have insulation?
A. Insulation is optional but is recommended in the ceiling to keep it cooler during the day. If you are planning on installing air conditioning in your house you may also want to insulate the walls.

Q. Do you recommend the wooden or the metal siding? and what are the pro's and con's to each?
A. The hardwood in most people's opinions looks better than the metal and it insulates better BUT it also takes longer to cool off at the end of the day and requires re-painting or re-staining every few years. The metal on the other hand never rusts, looses its color, or requires maintenance of any kind.

Q. How long do your houses last? Do you provide any warranty on them?
A. We have been building houses for over fifteen years and still have a few houses to show from when we first started that are still in very good condition. We do not offer any type of warranty on our houses.

Q. Are your house prices in Belize Dollars or US Dollars?
A. All our Prices are in Belize Dollars.


WE RAISE AND MOVE HOUSES. There is a  charge fee of $100.00 to go and take a look at the house before giving a quote for either moving and/or rasing.

*All our house floors are sanded and varnished.   
*Hardwood  house walls are covered with tar paper.
*Our flooring and siding is kiln dry.