Pletts Home Builders
Specializing in Prefabricated Houses

Spanish Lookout Belize, C.A.
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Our facility

At Pletts Home Builders we pride ourselfes in having the best built houses in Belize. It takes highly skilled, persistant, and hard working employees as well as advanced machinery to provide such a high quality product. Take a look below at some of our machinery or stop in for a visit to see for yourself how our houses are made.
Mr. Harvey Plett and his wife Mrs. Rosela Plett. Proud founders of Plett's Home Builders.

Our planer operator

Our blade sharpener

Our maintenance manager

Our sawmill operator

One of our builders

Our accountant and sales person

Logs waiting to be milled

Logs ready to be milled

Fresh cut lumber

Stacked lumber ready to be dried in our drier

Second grade flooring

Second grade rough lumber ready to be edged